Winning Posters

  • Research: Omissions in Discharge Communication of Dementia-Related Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Care Management Strategies during Hospital to Skilled Nursing Facility Transitions by Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi, Jacquelyn Mirr, Yuanyuan Jin, Pratiksha Bhagat, & Laura Block
  • Evidence Based Practice: The Peripheral IV Bundle: An Evidence-Based Practice Project by Élise Arsenault Knudsen, Emily Wilhelmson, Jennifer Kooiman Mohr and the members of the PIV workgroup

  • Quality Improvement: Changing Orthopedic Pain Management in the Realm of the Opioid Crisis by Deb Segersten, Marilyn Bazinski, Laura Sasse, Megan Webber, Valerie Boll, Jennifer Yeager & Paul Whiting

  • Other: Innovative Education Model for Complex Nursing Practice Change by Courtney Olson, Megan Webber, Wendy Wittwer