Changing Orthopedic Pain Management in the Realm of the Opioid Crisis

Deb Segersten RN, Marilyn Bazinski RN, Laura Sasse RN, Megan Webber RN, Valerie Boll NP, Jennifer Yeager NP, Paul Whiting, MD


In September 2018, Administrative leadership approached B64 and TAC leadership regarding the use of opioids in orthopedic patients. The intent was to look at inpatient orthopedic patient administration RN’s starting at the top on the range of opioid pain medications. We convened a multidisciplinary team consisting of B64 nurse manager and CNS,  Ortho NP, Trauma NP, pharmacist and pain CNS.  Throughout over a year of meetings and involvement of stakeholders; education was created and accomplished through multiple modalities, pain medication administration practices were changed, and reductions in opioid use and administration were realized.

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